Aiding the Costs of
Cremation Services

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Nonprofit Organization Assisting Cremation Fees Services.


Assist the less fortunate with their cremation expenses. Providing A Helping Hand Corp. A new nonprofit organization that assists the less fortunate with arrangements for cremation fees services for loved ones, and friends. Not one body should be left unclaimed because of lack of money. This is a horrible situation for a family member or friend to have.  

With your donations we will be able to cover the following fees:
Funeral Director ( We will assist in ensuring that all legal necessary paperwork is completed.)
2. Maintaining the deceased in a refrigeration in an alternative container. (Box)
3. Obtaining medical examiners approval.
4. The actual cremation process.
5. The ability for the family to witness the cremation at the time designated by us.
6. Confirming, delivering and retrieving the death certificate from the doctors.
7. One death certificate.
8. Returning the cremated remains in simulated wood urn.

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How We Help
Assistance is provided by your generous donations, and contributions.To assist those in hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, etc... Our goal is to help those families and those without families receive a dignified and proper burial service through cremation. Our staff are in constant contact with the facilities where patrons lifelines are near ending and we can assist with their cremation fees and services. All decisions and distributions of our aid are based on individual need. For a person to receive our help our Board of Directors determines if they are in need and for how much.

We are the only non-profit organization providing this kind of help.
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